Components are the most basic building blocks of a Angular Application .(At least in majority of generic Angular Applications).

How do you define state of a Angular Component ?

In layman terms state of a Angular Component is defined as status of all the variables/objects which are tied to the html template /view associated with the Component . Suppose we are displaying a view of a component as

<button (click)="onclickfunction()" >Click Me</button>

And our Component Class is defined with implementation of function onclickfunction() as

export class ClassName{
counter : number = 0;

As soon as…

PUT ,POST and PATCH are three widely used HTTP methods .

But there still exists a lot of confusion , when it comes to ideal implementation of each of them .

Lets start our discussion with PUT

PUT should be used when the client (who is making request) is sending data to the server and the client is determining the URI for the resource.

To explore more let’s consider these scenarios
Suppose we make a PUT Call like this


{ _put_body : {payload_data}}


There is no message specific to id/identifier → 10
It will create a new resource and…

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